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Chrystine (owner/operator) wanted to bring the serenity she felt hearing the waves, looking out into the horizon, while having her feet planted in the sand.

It is this feeling she hopes every client feels when they step into The Beach House.

Without a real ocean close to Perth, Ontario, Chrystine has put the ocean and sand on the walls and tried to create a place where clients find inner peace and happiness.

We treat our clients like friends and family coming to visit in our "home".


Owner, RMT


Beach Lover (Costa Rica has become her 2nd home since 2014), Winter Hater, Traveller (so many places to see), Jaxs MOM, Loves a glass of Red wine


The Beach House started all because SAM (those clients who have been around long enough got to meet this special dog). He was given to Chrystine (Feb 2009) by a family that was moving away from the area, he had separation anxiety and had to come to work with her everyday staying in her jeep while she worked. Clients would go out and walk him, pet him and start the jeep to keep it warm. Eventually, she had to make the choice.... to move her work to her own home. With a few renovations Chrystine started working out of Arnold Dr (the original location), in July 2009 and by Oct 2010 she had hired her first RMT Tracey. Over the past 10 years The Beach House has evolved to the beautiful relaxation oasis Chrystine has always envisioned. Making another big step she the moved the clinic from her home to our current location on Rogers Rd in December 2015.  The Beach House is Chrystine's baby (don't tell Jax!) and as the clinic has continued to grow, she has had to pull back on her first love of Massage Therapy.

Chrystine became an RMT in 2003 and is known for having deep pressure but relaxing at the same time.  The term “hurts so good” comes to mind.  She still loves her time treating clients as it gives her time to slow down and just focus on the muscles in front of her. Anyone who knows her has heard her say how much she hates winter, this is why she finds warm spots to “get away”.  The beach is where she is most AT HOME, and the hotter the better...

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