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Our Team

Laura Barr


Lives in a century farmhouse, loves to spend time in the barn with her goats, cows and three dogs, is bit of a night owl.


Laura has been an RMT since 2013 and at the Beach House since 2014. Laura is known for her deep pressure making her one of the most sought out RMT’s in the area. She likes each day to be different, with different client needs finding it rewarding to help clients with various impairments, especially getting a trigger point to release!


Laura is usually booked a year in advance and is not taking new clients at this time.

Madison Brennan


Anatomy nerd, dog lover, learning sign language, Harry Potter fan; Ravenclaw house if you were wondering.  


Madison has been at the Beach House since 2018 and has been an RMT Since 2018. She has always had a passion for learning, which drives her to continuously attend professional development courses to improve her hands-on treatment. As an added bonus, Madison is a Registered Kinesiologist. Her love for anatomy and functional movement can be seen in her assessment-based approach to her treatments. By expending her knowledge, she is able to provide a more effective way to treat a variety of injuries and conditions. As she used to compete as a completive dancer, Madison understands the commitment and dedication it takes to be part of a completive sport and helping your body be in its best form.

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Kassandra Ryan


& Lash Technician

Espresso addict, loves working out, spends as much free time at the lake as possible, thinking about the next time she can go fishing.


Kassandra has been an RMT for since 2017 and joined the Beach House in 2019.  She loves being a massage therapist for the education side of treatment. Teaching clients how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into their daily life is very important to her. Kassandra’s treatments are well rounded to maintain a healthy lifestyle as she often gives tips and tricks based off the client’s needs.

Emma Kealey


Pat Fournier


Emily Puckett 

Esthetician, Spray Tan and Laser Technician, Lash & Make up Artist 

Taylor Brankin


Nicole Nagasar


Also known as the little one, a lover of all things Halloween and always planning her next tattoo.


Emily has been with The Beach House since  2016 while studying to become an Esthetician, graduating in 2017. But before esthetics, there came lashes... after taking the lash extension course in 2016, they quickly became her favourite service to do. Who knew something so tedious could be so relaxing! Lashes aren't the only thing that hold a special place in Emily's heart, spray tanning was one of her first loves at The Beach House. As she’s usually the “Casper” amongst most (blame that on being 90 percent Irish), it gave Emily the confidence boost she needed that couldn’t come naturally from the sun. She’s tried every bottle under the sun (no pun intended) but nothing compares to her sprays. This love for trying new products and wanting to spread the confidence boost you get after a service sparked her to expand her Esthetician skills. 

Mom to a fun loving little girl named Preslyn and loves this job more than anything, Ice Cap Addict.


Taylor has been an Esthetician since 2012 and at the Beach House since 2015 She loves her mani’s and pedi’s. Taylor takes such pride in her work and treats every client like a friend. Her bubbly personality makes being an Esthetician the perfect job for her. If left with a few minutes to spare between clients, Taylor can be found organizing the staff room and any supply closet she can. We all know when she’s in one of her cleaning moods!

Has a love/hate relationship with scary movies; loves them but can’t sleep for a week, huge animal lover, favourite quote: “Cause every little thing is gonna be alright” by Bob Marley, can probably be found wearing some type of item in cheetah print.  


Nicole has worked at the Beach House since 2019. She has been and Esthetician since 2016.  She is a perfectionist, paying attention to every detail of her work. She enjoys seeing the before and after results of services. Nicole loves the social part of the job and chatting with her clients. To Nicole, being an Esthetician is not only about the service itself, but making the client feel good on the inside too. She doesn’t have a favourite service, but likes the mix-up throughout the day.

Michaela Normile

Esthetician, Lash Technician

Bradie Dowdall

Hair Stylist & Spray Tan Technician

Allison Aumont

Esthetician, Lash Technician

Proud dog mom to her pug (Will), Ice Cap addict, family is everything, fulfilled childhood goal of always wanting to become a hairstylist.


Bradie has been a licensed hairstylist since 2018 and joined the Beach House that year. Her goal as a hairstylist is to make clients that sit in her chair feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror. Hearing a client’s reactions and seeing that smile before leaving makes her beam with pride. That “I accomplished my job” feeling. Bradie’s favourite service is any type of colour service. Nothing like that before and after transformation.

Denise Barr



The famous greeter and resident pup!

Enjoys long walks on the beach… well long walks anywhere outside! Can usually be found sleeping behind the desk, or in the staff room (Jax’s lounge) chillin out. He can’t get enough of all the treats his people bring him, and loves a good cuddle with his all his BH ladies. Most importantly Jax is a Momma’s BOY (Chrystine), no one gets his tail wagging as much as she can.. well maybe besides the UPS guys, they bring treats. Don’t let his size fool you, Jax is our gentle giant who doubles as our official BH greeter… give him any attention and he will be your newest best friend… for at least five minutes until the next client comes in, gotta spread the love!