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Spray Tanning

Enjoy that beachy, sun kissed look all year round with our Spray Tanning services! Rather then stepping into a booth to be sprayed by a machine, come to The Beach House where one of our licensed estheticians will spray you carefully & evenly - ensuring the best results possible.

Pre-Tan Care :

Exfoliate, Shave and Moisturize 12hrs before, this will create the perfect even base for tan application.

Wear dark loose fitting clothing to your appointment, tight clothing could possibly cause streaking.

Avoid wearing deodorant or creams day of spray tan, these act as barriers on the skin, creating patchiness and a uneven application.

Post-Tan Care:

The tan will continue to develop over the next 8-10 hours, after the developing has finished you can rinse your body off until the water runs clear.

Do not use and soaps, scrubs or shampoos during the first rinse.

Pat your skin dry after each shower, do not rub. This can remove tan leaving the skin looking patchy.

Avoid soaking in water for too long... ex: hot-tubs, baths, pools + saunas. This will fade your tan sooner as the water softens the skin. 

HYDRATE! The drier our skin is, the more flake. Staying moisturized will keep your tan even, and glowing for 7 - 10 days.

Spray Tans do NOT protect from the suns UVA or UVB Rays. SPF is always recommended.


Single Classic Session - $48.59

2 Classic Sessions - $95.00

5 Classic Sessions - $190.00

10 Classic Sessions - $340.00


Short on time?!

Use our EXPRESS Spray shower off 1-3 hours


Express Single Session - $59.89

2 Express Sessions - $115.00

5 Express Sessions - $235.00

10 Express Sessions - $415.00

Image by Marvin Meyer
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