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It all started when two Southern California friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, took a college graduation trip down to Costa Rica.

After falling in love with the laidback Costa Rican lifestyle they came across two artisans named Jorge and Joaquin, whose colorful string bracelets captured the simple beauty of Costa Rica. Jorge and Joaquin were struggling to survive on their artisan wages, living with their family in a single room with three beds. Griffin and Paul asked the artisans to make 400 bracelets to take home with them. They put the bracelets on display in a local boutique, selling out completely within just a few days. Pura Vida expanded its artisan community to include a family of more than 800 artisans in Costa Rica, El Salvador, India and more. Over the last few years, Pura Vida has partnered with more than 200 charities around the world to donate nearly $2.8 million to causes you care about!

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